YWCA Equal Pay Speaking Series

Now in our fourth annual awards programme, we are pleased to announce the launch of The Equal Pay Speaking Series.  The events will feature a raft of speakers who are leading the change debate around equal pay, who all have outstanding expertise, stories and case studies to share. They will provide excellent commentary, know-how and most of all, an honest account of equal pay as a journey and work-in-progress for any organisation. Participants will get the opportunity to ask questions specific to their organisation as we know there is ‘no one size fits all’ when it comes to equal pay.

Register for Auckland 22nd June 2017

Register for Hamilton 6th July 2017

To register an interest for other events, please email debbie@akywca.org.nz

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Equal Pay & Pay Equity

It is important people understand the different components around equal pay and pay equity. Equal pay is about men getting paid more than women for doing exactly the same job. Apples and apples.

Pay equity tackles the issue from a different perspective, challenging the issue around women in female dominated industries getting paid less than work of similar value in male dominated industries. Women tend to be clustered in a relatively narrow range of occupations that have been traditionally considered women’s work and not always valued the same as men’s (like clerical, caring, cleaning). This is particularly the case for New Zealand which has relatively high levels of concentration of women workers in female dominated occupations, with 47% of women in occupations where 80% or more of employees are women. Apples and pears.

We are a SME and don’t have the same resources as large corporates. Can we still apply?

Absolutely, we are keen to encourage SMEs to enter and are aware that you don’t have the ready infrastructure and resource or ability to provide the same kind of detail as corporates. That’s why we have changed the entry process this year to an essay-style format, making it more flexible for businesses of all sizes. We have also introduced a dedicated SME Award in 2016, to acknowledge smaller, innovative operators who are tackling the issue.

We don’t have a particular policy around equal pay. How can we show that we are on the path?

Do you have other policies in place that promote equal pay? Such as a good maternity leave package or same rates for new male/female hires? These will show you are on the path. The judges have a multi-faceted understanding of how organisations work and will be able to evaluate your entry on what you have accomplished so far, not how far you may have to go.

What if we don’t have any pay statistics that can show we are an equal pay organisation?

That’s fine – so long as you can provide documents (e.g. board meeting minutes, organisational strategy, payroll data, etc) that clearly show your organisation has made the commitment to starting the equal pay journey.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Terms and Conditions 2017